Covid-19 Services

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that primarily affects the lungs.  However, the disease also frequently affects other areas such as the heart, muscles, joints, and endurance due to limited physical activity and isolation. Often, recovery following COVID-19 infection can be long and uncertain. Therapy Associates’ team of highly skilled and experienced therapists are here to help you recover your strength, endurance, and mobility.  

Our occupational and physical therapists can help!

  • Breathing techniques to help strengthen the muscles used to breathe
  • Goal-oriented functional activities to resume normal lifestyle
  • Manual (hands-on) therapy to improve chest expansion, reduce restriction and allow the lungs to work at full capacity
  • Personalized exercise program to help improve endurance
  • Strengthening exercises and stretching techniques to optimize breathing
  • Strategies to minimize stress on the heart and lungs

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